Live Love Snack

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Live Love Snack

Happy to finally announce our investment in Live Love Snack – a brand on a mission to help America snack better. The team makes delicious snack food that people can feel good about eating. The brand’s first product line of popped multi-grain chips are delicious – and guilt-free.

We first met Live Love Snack’s Founder, Steven Singer (pictured left), at Expo West earlier this year. A mutual friend had suggested we connect and it’s proved to have been a fortuitous suggestion. Chartararacan Steven is a personality – full of energy, incredibly knowledgeable and truly passionate about healthy eating. He’s also Canadian!

It’s hard not to be impressed with Steven’s track record. Before starting Live Love Snack, he was Co-Founder of Glutino – one the world’s leading brands of gluten free food that sold for over $66 million in 2011. He was a veritable pioneer in a nascent space and boasts considerable experience in building products that consumers love.

Our team connected well with Steven and shared his vision for building a master brand of healthy snacks across a variety of categories.

Live.Love.Snack focuses on the growing trend of health conscious eating amongst consumers and a desire from retailers to promote healthier, on-the-go offerings. There is ever-increasing demand for transparency – shoppers want to know exactly what they’re eating, where it’s from, its impact on the environment and most importantly: its effect on their overall health. We want to build a brand that consumers can trust – where you see the Live Love Snack logo, you’ll know you’re buying high quality, delicious snacks that are good for you and your loved ones.

We’re excited to work together on expanding Live Love Snack’s brand, visibility and offering. Keep an eye out for LLS products at grocery chains in both the US & Canada – more announcements on this front are imminent!

Check out Live Love Snack’s current products:

Connect with Live Love Snack on Twitter: @livelovesnack