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When three talented entrepreneurs Matt Schnarr, Adam Deremo, and Dan Tzotzis with backgrounds from Kraft and Pepsi approached us about working together to re-invent the energy space, we knew they were on to something.

Millenials were looking for an “on-the-go pick me up” that tastes better and is more convenient than coffee and energy drinks. The solution? Caffeinated chocolate—combining the delicious taste of chocolate with as much caffeine as a cup of joe (101mg per bar).

AWAKE Chocolate is the world’s first caffeinated chocolate bar. The brand launched in September 2012 and is now available in more than 14,000 locations across North America. AWAKE is already a favorite on college campuses and Nevil, the brand spokesowl, has a mass following online.

BrandProject led the investment and provided our expertise in branding, packaging, positioning, retail and brand strategy to the team. We are also Board Members of AWAKE.