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Our goal is to be the leader in rapidly scaling early stage consumer businesses with Founders.

Our team has a wealth of experience building some of the world’s leading consumer products and technology companies. Collectively, we have launched over 100 new products and services for global icons:


We have invested and helped build innovative new brands including Daily Harvest, Awake Chocolate, FRESHLY, Chef’s Plate, Coveteur, Rumble Supershake, Surf Easy, Hello Products and BRIKA.


BrandProject’s world-class team provides the specific expertise needed to rapidly scale businesses with Founders.
Our resources exponentially increase a startups probability of success.


BrandProject provides the financial and operational resources to help early stage companies rapidly scale.
We take a strategic approach to building solid foundations, focusing on key business building pillars.


We look for disruptive innovation across key consumer sectors.:



We partner with entrepreneurs who have re-imagined a customer experience or created an entirely new market.

We look for unique consumer driven ideas that are differentiated in the marketplace.

We partner with entrepreneurs who want to work together to build a great business, and want the operational, strategic and financial experience we provide.

We invest in companies that have the potential to reach $100M in enterprise value within 5 years.

We focus exclusively on start-up and seed stage consumer products and services.

We build businesses that have a clear path to strategic acquisition or IPO.

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We have the privilege of partnering and investing in talented founders and their emerging brands.




BrandProject is a different type of company. Beyond actively investing in seed stage companies we also build and help develop disruptive consumer concepts. We test, prototype and iterate on ideas in our NYC and Toronto studios.

Our talented team of designers, engineers and business strategists work together to bring concepts to life and launch them into the world.

We are always looking for bright, enthusiastic and resourceful people who have a passion for creating new products to join our team.

You may be a great fit for BrandProject if:

You see an opportunity to disrupt an industry and are passionate about pursuing it.

You are excited to work on an inter-disciplinary team of designers, engineers and business strategists to bring an idea to fruition.

You have deep industry expertise in one of the following consumer verticals:

- Health & Wellness
- Food & Beverage
- Beauty
- Women and/or Men’s Fashion
- Sports & Fitness

You have a successful track record in any or all of the following:

- General Management
- Product Marketing
- Channel Development
- Retail Strategy
- Sales


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Have something you think would be a great fit for BrandProject?

We prefer prototypes, samples and sales data over PowerPoint decks and business plans. Email us at ideas@brandproject.com. We'll be in touch if it's something we're interested in exploring further.

For media inquiries, email us at:
media@brandproject.com or give us a call at 416-482-4900

Interested in investing with us or in our portfolio companies?

BrandProject Toronto
24 Duncan Street
Toronto, ON M5V 2B8

BrandProject New York
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New York, NY 10010